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Greetings From the Staff at How To Get Dating.Com!


Thanks for visiting the site and you will receive the best reviews, help and information on Dating on the Net today. This site was created to help you handily get information about How To Get Dating properly, up to date reviews and find the best service providers.  Now a bit more About Me

Our webmaster, site designer, writer, proof reader, editor, publisher, graphics and animation artist, site reviewer, ‘feature sites’ judge and jury, marketing specialist, traffic analyst; chief cook, bottle washer and keyboard duster all welcome you to our little corner of the World Wide Web.

OK, I confess…

I, Roxanne, am ‘us’…and did I mention ‘Website update facilitator’?

This project began on New Year’s Eve 2002. After working late, I went home, popped the top on something fizzy, and went to share a toast to 2001 with the on-line crowd. I’d met nice folks on Charity forums and Make Love Not War discussion groups, but had yet to experience the ‘joys’ of online chat.

Was I in for a treat! Before I could dip my in toe into Google’s virtual hot tub, I was bombarded me with a volley of personal questions. “What’s your real name?”, “how old are you?” and “where do you live?”

With not enough time to respond, “Roxy, 10199, Andromeda Galaxy”, I was swept into a private room for an unwanted, ‘steamy’ encounter. ‘Live and learn’, I thought, as I hastily ESCaped the chatroom.

It was then that I learned that the odds for meeting singles online were largely in womens’ favor … IF she wanted to meet men behaving badly.

Could I get to know someone through a chatroom meeting? I doubted it. I wanted to know some basic details before making contact, and avoid wasting my and someone else’s time. So I set off in search of ’matchmaking’ venues.

My search led me to many varieties on the theme.

Some sites proclaimed only the dangers of internet dating, telling stories which would cause the bravest of seekers to run and hide from their internet connections in fear. Others neglected to mention the simplest precautions to take when interacting with strangers on-line.

From that research, I saw the need for an informative site with a balanced view of internet dating. So, howtogetdating.com was born.

I researched, reviewed and listed Internet dating services I considered superior. I also developed a guides on dating, tips for writing effective personal ads, and selecting best online dating sites.  By early 2002, I had a newsletter with more than 10,000+ subscribers.

The most rewarding and fun aspect of this venture has been meeting the howtogetdating.com visitors! I’ve heard tales of loves lost and found, and shared a few of my own on-line experiences with them in return.

I’ve met dating site webmasters who, like me, derive enormous pleasure from offering the possibility of happiness to singles in search of partners. Many of the ‘success stories’ we’ve read have brought happy tears to our eyes!! I am so passionate about getting singles together and sincerely delighted at seeing their happiness. The other joy in my life is doing charity work for orphans and Cancer Research.

Through these connections, I’ve made many friends online, and am endlessly grateful to all of them for their generous sharing. Thank you all!!

Cheers and Happy Searching!


P.S. For those of you who might be interested in starting up your own dating website, you can contact me.

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