Male archetypes reveal everything behind your partner’s every gesture

Do you have a warrior, a wizard or a lover at home? Or is he more of a high chair tyrant? All of these profiles are part of the personality models described by Jospeh Campbell, one of the world’s greatest authorities in mythology. Each of these profiles is called an archetype, ranging from instincts and fears to their most common conflicts and how to deal with them. If you are going through a crisis, keep an eye on the description of the profiles below. They can reveal not only what kind of storms the man in your life is facing but also provide you with an idea to help you get through this. It is worth remembering that no archetype exists alone or in a fixed way: they alternate and combine with time. So they are useful as tools to identify and overcome the obstacles that are being experienced. (Do you take a chance on a relationship? Take the test and find out) Warrior

He doesn’t miss an action movie, loves watching fights on the small screen, likes sports that require strength and are very competitive and tends to have a very short fuse. Whoever incorporates this archetype is experiencing an eternal battle. (how about trying a boxing class with him?)

On the positive side, the Warrior will protect and help you whenever he can, fighting all injustices. If he is giving the impression of this archetype, it is a great time to start projects that will require initiative and a lot of action, such as buying or finding the dream house or investing more in flirting, if the relationship is not yet firm. In contrast, don’t try to involve him in projects that represent stability, tranquility and a peaceful life, or the warrior’s aggressive strength will turn against you. He’s in a moment of breaking new ground and proving his strength and skills, no short reins! (understand why men think much more about sex than women)

Hatred or fear of women are typical feelings of this archetype that, when it loses its patience, usually humiliates its adversaries and even to devise small revenge against all that irritate it. Repentance? Word out of the dictionary. That’s the guy who doesn’t answer the phone when he knows you’re worried about him. It is also the same thing that scares children by telling stories that will haunt them at night. On the other hand, he charges himself a lot and, at times, he feels like a failure, becoming a true workaholic to try to live up to the very high standards that he himself imposed. (don’t let your relationship get bored) This results in a lack of self-esteem and sloppiness in appearance. Despite the cruel touch, this man has the energy of the Warrior, only misdirected. He needs to accept his limitations and increase self-love before he gets involved with any woman, so don’t even try to fit in with the absurd demands he makes every moment. It is best to wait for this phase to pass before risking a stronger involvement.