If you are looking for a boyfriend, you have already registered on internet sites, but you haven’t caught the flu, find out what men like to see on profiles of social sites. It could be your positive change!

Your nickname should be something easy for others to remember, in addition to being catchy and not too big. It may be nice to also include some striking characteristic of yours, such as a preference or activity that you practice. For example: garotadorock.

Putting numbers in the nickname is not original. So, bet on another name instead of being just another girl. If you do not want to attract aggressive candidates, do not choose nicknames with a sexual content, such as belaesexy.

Most sites leave a space of just a hundred characters for you to write your description. Needless to say, this is your chance to tell more about yourself, but it is not easy to describe yourself in so little space.

Men like to see well-written and attention-grabbing descriptions on social networking profiles. After the photo, it is the part that most interests us. So, it’s your chance to get along (or not).

Talk about your hobby, compare yourself with a character, say what you like to do, but don’t talk too much. Let the user feel like getting to know you better. And, if possible, use phrases in a good mood.

In the description, it is important to mention to others the characteristics that make you a unique person. Even if it is not popular, like watching classic black and white movies, you may attract men who have the same taste as you. It is better to attract potential candidates to a lot of clueless people.

And please, don’t be cliché. Everyone loves to go out with friends, whether they think it’s fun or a good person.

When exploring your profile, make lists of your characteristics, specifying what is your differential and also what you do not admit at all. Needless to say, you must be real, right?

Describe the aspects with kindness, being unspecific. Do not say that you are a family member or that you are looking for someone to marry, bet on a homely person and that you like to appreciate the good side of life with someone special.

The downside, that is, the things you can’t stand, must be short, so that you don’t scare off candidates. You evaluate it later if a conversation happens.

Men like to see definite goals on social networking profiles. Needless to say, you are looking for someone for a serious relationship, but a few phrases will serve a good understanding.

For example, I like to enjoy life with someone special is very different from enjoying life crazy. Talk about hobbies or things you want to do that candidates will understand what your main goal is. Those looking for just someone for one night will drop out.

However, it is interesting to be open to new friendships as well. Being too explicit about making a commitment will drive away good people who, later on, can become excellent boyfriends.