Tarot reader Margarida Fernandes explains how each sign lives love and what privileges it most in a relationship.

More passionate or more romantic, more expeditious or more timid, the type of person undoubtedly designates the relationship that is capable of helping to build. Therefore, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, there is nothing like checking how the sign and the ascendant influence the life of two.

Delas.pt tarot reader, Margarida Fernandes, profiles each personality by sign, in view of what each one wants and is willing to have or to fight.

See below what each sign has reserved for the month of February, in the most varied themes.

When he is in love he does not hide from anyone, especially from the person who moves his heart. And of course this continues in dating!

They find it easy to express what they feel and demonstrate their intentions, in addition to “throwing themselves” in relationships. But if he “suffocates” this native too much, or lets the relationship enter the routine, Carneiro loses his charm!

When you start dating a Taurean, count on a serious relationship, for life, with the right to an alliance on the second day! The men of this sign take the relationship very seriously from the beginning. They are known for being loyal, protective, caring and jealous boyfriends. You need to talk a lot to control the impulsiveness and possessiveness of this native.

If you are a person who is always willing to listen and touch on any topic in conversations, then Gemini can be your better half. The boyfriend of this sign has an enormous need to talk and to add more enthusiasm to daily life. You have to be lively and active to accompany this native.

This native is very insecure, until he realizes that he can trust the person 100% to be able to surrender for good. After this phase, he can count on a lot of affection, declarations, romantic surprises, and of course, loyalty. This man needs someone affectionate like him!

This native loves to exaggerate so that his girlfriend feels loved. He has no eyes for anyone else and does everything to see his love happy, without being ashamed to show this effort to others. But more than other signs, Leo’s boyfriend really needs to feel loved, or else his ego may be hurt.

Passive and calm, the Virgo is not that Man who is always looking for news. So when it comes to dating, he takes over and that’s it! The men of this sign are always ready to support their partner at any time, but do not hide their sincerity when something happens that does not please them. Fidelity is another characteristic present in the relationship with Virgo.

This man knows how to make his girlfriend feel loved, mainly because he is very affectionate. In addition, he strives to keep the flame of passion burning!

The Scorpio man always seems to be very calm and mysterious at the beginning of the relationship. He often seems to be uninterested, but over time he reveals how intense it is! They really value animation between “four walls”!

If you accept the playful side of this native, then the relationship will be wonderful. The Sagittarian boyfriend wants to keep the joy of dating, so they are affectionate, relaxed and want a person who also values ​​the same interest. They are intense in their feelings, but they like to control and command the relationship.

If you think that this native is a timid eternal, get off! In the beginning he may be more closed, but over time he is very dedicated to the relationship, faithful, confident and even relaxed. A tip for those who date this native: they love a good dose of romanticism!

This man hates routine, so he needs a lot of activity. But do not worry, as imagination and creativity is not lacking for this native, to make the most of every moment of the relationship. However, despite being very dedicated to the relationship he does not give up that “basic” outing with friends!

This native loves to surprise his partner, even if he sometimes acts in an unconventional way. They are very dedicated to the relationship, always preserving the happiness of both. They are kind and do not get tired of saying how much they love their girlfriend, both to her and to the whole world!

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