Usually, I write for men, but this time I think the subject is interesting for women. It will be very useful to reveal to the opposite sex what is good for men, because there is an enormous contribution that women can make in our lives, simply by understanding us better. The woman has the power to elevate or destroy a man.

Of the five senses, the only one that is more developed in men than in women is that of vision. We are very focused on what is visual, that is why female beauty enchants us so much! The first thing that will make a man notice a woman is her beauty. Now, if you don’t think you’re so pretty, I recommend reading: “Every woman has her unique beauty, her own charm”.

And for the Christian man, it is not just any beauty, but one that transpires the heart. By this, I mean that the woman does not need to appeal to sensuality, especially in clothes. He will associate this with values ​​contrary to those he seeks in a partner. Calling attention in this way may work at the moment, but it will be empty and shallow attention. Anyone who looks at you only as a physical attractor will hardly want to know about your intellectual and moral attributes.

Believe me: when he decides to date, the man values ​​and is interested in the mystery (particular charm) that the woman brings, and protects him more through modesty than through feminine curves.

Face femininity as sobriety in dress, in speech and in your attitudes. The set of what you wear and express can demonstrate that your style is romantic or of attitude, or that it is practical and “cool”, while still being a woman.

Invest in your production – makeup and clothes – to value what you already are, but, above that, be well with yourself and with God, and your beauty and femininity will come out naturally.

The companion’s opinion is a great reference for the man about himself. Although it may seem that men do not hear them, know that they do. It is that, sometimes, the disapprovals or the way they are said, are difficult to bear, and in this he is interpreting himself in a negative way.

The man needs words of self-affirmation, he needs a woman who admires him in his qualities and his gifts, and expresses it verbally. Otherwise, he will be unmotivated.

When the girlfriend or the wife positively emphasizes his efforts or skills, he feels that it is worthwhile to continue investing in him, and that he is on the right path. The woman’s approval will be the first response that the man will understand about who he is and what he is doing.

This point is closely linked to the previous one, but it is one thing to express admiration and motivate, another is to ‘get your hands dirty’ with him. How important it is for the man that his girlfriend or wife, in addition to telling him how much he approves of his qualities, get involved with his life and plans, that she be available to help him in whatever way she can and knows, and also to give your opinion.

Since men are providers in their essence, they like that women, in a way, let themselves be led. They like to feel that their partner believes in him to the point of putting his life and his projects in parallel, “supported” with his. It is part of the man’s vocation to shepherd and care for his wife’s happiness, hence the importance of her showing that she trusts him.

This point in no way contradicts the docility and surrender that women make of themselves to men. He wants her to lean on him, but not to depend on him.

It tells the man a lot that his partner is emotionally mature, without those exaggerated jealousies, or that she keeps demanding his presence at all times. No man likes a sticky woman or one who, after entering the relationship, does not know how to decide anything anymore, in everything he wants a share to contribute; but on the contrary, he loves the one he trusts in his own abilities. This demonstrates that she will walk with him (even on certain occasions, leaving the responsibility to him), but without being overwhelmed, “grafted” on him, without autonomy.

If the woman simply delights the man and conquers him, but does not transmit integrity and values ​​of his person, this man will associate this with the risk that she only wants to manipulate him or enjoy what he can offer her. It is through the character, morals and principles that the woman brings in herself that the man feels confident in her and gives himself up to a serious commitment.

He brings all the above qualities together, interprets them and does them in her own way. The brilliance itself is the particular charm of each one, it is the way that the woman likes to be herself. Every man wants to immerse himself deeply in the mystery that the woman brings individually, he wants to find a differential in her, something that distinguishes her from all the others and makes her special for him. And believe me, every woman has her own shine.

If this inner light is accompanied by good humor, sympathy and intelligence, “there for everything! The guy will melt! ”.

However, it never hurts