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Use text messages to practice and learn to chat with several men. You are not committing yourself to meeting him until you are ready, so take the initiative and just talk.

Note: Some men don’t respond, so don’t take it personally. It is a sad reality that many men live by just “liking” all profiles in a desperate effort to get results.

The more you learn about a man, the more promising he is. Then you must ask more and more (and more!).

Questions, especially if you’re new to this whole relationship thing, if asked the wrong way can go bad. They make them become ghosts, just one more match on their list.

Questions will be part of the natural process of meeting someone over the internet, but don’t overdo it. Save questions for the first date, if you get to it.

Asking, “What kind of music do you like?” It will lead to a conversation about ballads, musical tastes, even movie soundtracks.

Casual conversations are more than saying whether you are compatible with this guy or not, than your ready answers to common questions.

You will meet some men who will invite you to have coffee, without talking to you enough. While others may take days up to weeks for the invitation to take place.

Having your own process to “investigate” a guy to decide if he is worthy of a date, can help him focus his efforts on people who are promising.

But how do you know what your process is (step by step)? This is our eternal perhaps!

Whatever the criteria that makes you feel comfortable meeting a strange guy, apply it.

If he asks before you are ready, say that he would like to spend a little more time talking by text first.

It is normal to go a lot for beauty or for the best photo. But be sure to talk to everyone (who interests you, of course) to meet them, even if it didn’t attract your attention at first.

If he starts talking well, see where that leads. You can’t base everything on your photo (nor should you), and not every guy is great at writing about himself. But some are excellent listeners and can converse – a rare skill these days.

Yes, you want to be physically attracted to him, but a cute profile photo does not guarantee personal chemistry. Open up the possibilities, allowing yourself to be attracted to his personality as well.

Note: Always agree with your goals at the moment. If you just want something casual, you have no problem. Now if you want something serious and long-term, you must work to make that clear.

You will talk to many guys before making a coffee or a real date with one of them.

Think of online dating / relationship as a practical way to get back in the game. (Yes that’s right!). If you’ve been with the same guy for decades, it may be new to talk to such a large group of men.

It’s good for you! The more people you talk to, the greater your experience. And then you will begin to identify what you don’t like about men and what attracts you. Creating a natural and intuitive filter.

Finding a nice guy, whether on social media apps or anywhere else, can take time.

You may be moving pictures of men left and right in your dreams (or nightmares)!

If you get frustrated, stay out of the dating apps for a few days or even weeks, then come back when you’re ready. No matter where you find it, you need to be in the right frame of mind to get to know it.

If the relationship apps are not working, or believe it is not the best time. Get away a little and enjoy your own company, be well with yourself and work on your confidence.

Tell me about your experience with relationship apps? Has it been a success or a failure for you?

Specialist in Relationships and Behavioral Analysis, in the last 4 years she has helped more than 5,000 women to conquer the man of dreams with her unique methodology.

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Specialist in Relationships and Behavioral Profile Analysis, in the last 4 years she has helped more than 5,000 women to conquer the man of dreams with her unique methodology.

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